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Business law is complex and requires specialized experience to properly execute. Whether you own a small business or lead a large corporation, there are a myriad of laws that impact and govern everything you do.

That’s why you need a business law attorney who speaks the corporate language. James D. Allen, Esq. earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance from Jacksonville University and specializes in offering general counsel for all facets of business development. Through years of experience, James understands the intricacies of business from the initial formation of a corporate entity to navigating the numerous transactions, human resource, and insurance laws that affect businesses in Jacksonville, Northeast Florida, and surrounding areas.

How We Can Help Your Florida Business

As a law practice specializing in business law, we can help you through every step of business development and growth. Our goal is to protect you and your business before issues occur, laying a strong foundation for your company.

Whether you need advice on how to form your business or help developing bylaws, employment contracts or sales agreements, James D. Allen, Esq. has the experience and expertise that can help you develop a strong foundation on which to build your business.

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Business Law Services

Business Formation

Setting your business up for success includes a strong legal strategy. We’ll help you determine what’s best for your business when it comes to tax planning, asset protection and other legal matters.

Business Litigation

Time is of the essence in any legal situation, but an improperly handled dispute could bring an entire business down if handled incorrectly. We’re prepared to react promptly and effectively to litigate claims and settle any issues, including contractual agreements, financial disputes and more.

Business Transactions

We know the importance of creating strong connections and rock-solid internal processes. As business law is our speciality, we’re well-equipped to advise you on the terms, expectations and conditions of company-related exchanges.

Contract Law

Most companies, regardless of industry or size, will find themselves in a contractual disagreement at some time in their lifecycle. Having an experienced business lawyer at your side is crucial for disputing discrepancies with clients, customers, vendors, suppliers, contractors, freelancers or partners.

Employment Agreements

Arguably some of the most important contracts relating to the day-to-day operations of your business, employee and employer contracts are best represented on paper. If contracts or agreements are verbal-only, they may limit what rights the employer retains in the event of a dispute. Seeking legal counsel can ensure your contracts are clear, air-tight and beneficial for both parties involved.

Business Law

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