In-House Attorney Services

For about the cost of a monthly gym membership, we will provide the following:

  • Act as your business’ Registered Agent;
  • Initial review of the business’ receivables and help with collecting past due items;
  • Initial review of the business documents to make sure they are drafted in a way that best protects the business owner;
  • Access to James through email, texts and telephone;
  • One hour of legal services per month.
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Trusted. Affordable. Effective. In-House General Counsel Services.
Serving the entire state of Florida.

The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A. is turning the traditional law firm model on its head with an innovative new way of providing legal services that makes talented  general counsel available to fast-growth, small, and mid-sized companies.

The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A.’s customized, value-based legal services make it financially possible for your company to enjoy all the advantages of talented and experienced in-house counsel as part of your management team for an affordable, flat monthly fee.

The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A. has removed the overhead and inefficiency of the outdated legal service  model that can run high on billable hours and short on productive client service. Now every company can afford to bring specialized legal minds on-site to identify and manage risk, protect what they’ve built and seize opportunities for growth. In fact, you can’t afford not to put The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A.’s  in-house general counsel services to work for you.

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On-staff attorneys are great for access, immediate attention and understanding your business needs – but full-time attorneys are pricey. Retain the in-house counsel services of The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A., and let us address your business and transactional matters for you. Let us identify and address potential legal issues facing you and your business before they get out of hand.

Think of The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A. as your on-staff attorney and consultant, without the added costs of a full-time professional. At The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A., we provide you direct access to legal guidance and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a dedicated  professional on your team. By retaining our firm on a monthly recurring contract, you’ll have actual access to a qualified, business attorney, without the added expense of a full time professional.
With our In-House Counsel Program, you’ll have access to an attorney as if he is just down the hall; whether working remotely from our base of operations, or working on-site at your place of business, our dedicated professional will be there for you. The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A. offers tailored outside general counsel services that allow us either to act as a client’s law department or to supplement it. These arrangements enable clients to gain more timely, high-quality legal guidance about how to navigate legal challenges, improving their ability to make better decisions and to address issues before they become problems.

These flexible arrangements make it easier for clients to reach out to us with quick questions or for general legal advice. We help spot issues, brainstorm alternative approaches, and let clients know when they have a problem that may require more. We also help clients analyze and address legal risks or excessive legal costs associated with business divisions, operations, or entire portfolios of their work.

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When you’re a small or mid-size company, it may not be feasible to hire a full-time in-house counsel to address the various legal issues the business confronts regularly. Nevertheless, it is valuable to have a solid attorney to turn to who can provide you with exceptional legal counsel and business-minded solutions on a frequent basis without incurring substantial legal fees. Whether it’s reviewing a contract, discussing a potential real estate acquisition, addressing past due receivables, or assisting with other general corporate or commercial matters, The Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A. provides clients outside general counsel services by attorneys who have both large law firm and in-house experience to assist you.

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